We look for the same strand of DNA in all our employees: a curious self-starter that believes in a greater purpose. Someone that values integrity, honesty, and respect. Work is not a means to an end but is part of a journey towards something greater. Whether it’s to improve your family’s life, or the community you live in, we value people that know the meaning of sowing into a vision. We will help you to live out your greater purpose while you help our clients achieve theirs. We love win-win.

The Need

Our Burnaby and Edmonton offices are looking for talented Developers to join our rapidly growing solutions delivery team.

Our definition of a Solutions Developer is someone that has had a lifelong desire to solve problems and has the technical ability to implement elegant and efficient solutions. We work with all sorts of tools and technologies. Having the right approach and mindset is the name of the game; the tool is simply and expression of the solution.

Your talent will make a practical difference for our client organizations and impact potentially tens of thousands in their day-to-day lives. We teach you to think abstractly, solve problems as a team, work in fast-paced, client-facing settings, and focus your tooling beyond the trends and technical flavors of the month. No other job will give you exposure to the full technical infrastructure of an enterprise, including networks, firewalls, servers, databases, operating systems, architecture, and coding.


  • Develop and test code that is robust, intuitive, and user friendly.
  • Research, develop, and maintain technical solutions.
  • Manage and maintain the full-stack of the application infrastructure.
  • Support the full cycle of design, development, and testing (Agile, Waterfall — be flexible).
  • Work closely with other members of the team to provide a fully flushed out solution.
  • Work in a fast pace, rapidly changing environment.
  • Determine the best tool for the job, and if needed, drive the creation of the tools you need.
  • Learn how to solve domain-specific problems.

Skills & Qualifications

  • A desire to learn and make a difference.
  • Three years experience with an ERP system or complex software package.
  • A diploma, degree, or background in programming and computer science is an obvious must.
  • Proof of some interesting projects you’ve worked on.
  • Canadian citizenship or permanent resident.

How to Apply

Send a resume and cover letter to Canadian citizens or landed PR ONLY. Out-of-country applicants will not be considered.