What We Do

We understand your problems and help you come up with the best solution. We draw from a wide and varied toolbox of solutions. Transitioning to the Cloud? We’re already there. Want to build an employee portal? You’ve got it. A federated system of record and integrate multiple applications? On it’s way! Sounds complex? Not to us!

We are pioneers and experts in the industry. We have been implementing and supporting PeopleSoft solutions since version 2.0, and are one of the first companies in the world to undertake an Oracle Student Management Cloud implementation project. We also recently helped a Public Sector organization implement complex time and labour payroll rules to automate pay for 5,000+ employees.

As an example, take a look at some solutions we have delivered on Campus Solutions side alone include:

  • Fully on-line staff and faculty Recruitment
  • Position Budgeting
  • Web-services enablement
  • Integration with Identity Management services
  • Implementation of Coaching Portal
  • Implementation of custom solutions
  • MyTradeSecrets (MTS) integration
  • Campus Solutions Academic Model Re-Engineering
  • Campus Solutions Academic Advisement module health check
  • Library interface Coaching Management System
  • Moodle Learning Management System interface
  • Edulink Interface
  • Government Reporting re-engineer/development
  • Admissions Evaluation Management Automation
  • Continuing Education On-line Registration Implementation
  • PeopleSoft Student Self-Service Enrollment Implementation
  • Campus Solutions new functionality review & analysis
  • Post-Enrolment Requisite Checking, Enrollment Backpack
  • Technical architecture assessment and reviews
  • Student Self-service implementation
  • Online payment interface
  • design/development
  • ApplyAlberta On-line application interface
  • Electronic transcript load
  • Infosilem scheduling system interface
  • ID card interface
  • EFT File
  • Book Loan Module Bolt-on development
  • Continuing Education online registration implementation
  • Business Improvement Project for Financials, HCM, and Campus Solutions

Above all, we value working in an honest and transparent way. Our larger projects span 1-2 years, transforming large public sector enterprises through a full range of business process re-engineering, systems implementation, and change management. We go the extra mile to keep the project on-track and on-budget.

How We Work

Our team guides you from concept all the way to going-live and beyond. We’ll help you decide what you actually want, why you want it, and then give you a roadmap for how this whole thing works. Along the way you’ll have one of our project managers keep everyone on track and provide you with frequent updates, and let you know far in advance if something doesn’t smell right. But it usually does.

So how long..?

Every project is different. A multiple page website could go live in as little as 1-2 weeks. Creating a system from scratch could take a lot longer depending on what it is. The nice part is that we’ll help you figure out what your options are before the clock even starts ticking. Our interest is that you get what you need period.

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